Update from Thornton

Checking in. So much happening. Glad to be in Colorado right now. I want to keep some of the specifics to myself, but I am not sitting still. There are so many things that make me feel amazing. Sunshine. People. A new opportunity. Meeting friends and family has been inspiring and energizing. There are challenges….

Long view

Man, I looked at my numbers today. Numbers are great. My numbers…aren’t. I’m realizing that I can have goals, and those are cool. I can have systems in my head, and that’s something. But, the HABITS I have are rooted in a mentality of “getting by” – just getting through today. Surviving. Giving myself more…


34 days until I fly out. I am happy, inspired and nervous, all in one. But a little fear has been good. I’ve been up hammering since 6am today because I see the worst case scenario – one I have lived before. I have failed before. I will fail again I. The future. But I…

Back on the Blog

As I get ready to embark on a new journey, I am taking stock of my resources. I didn’t say possessions, although they are part of the list. Mainly, though, I’m thinking about my skills, my relationships, my strengths and weaknesses, and more. I am thinking about goals, liabilities, needs and opportunities. Before today, my…

Change is in the air

In January, I’m moving to Denver. In the meantime, I will be developing and deploying skills to help others succeed and to grow my career. I am grateful and excited for the chance to grow.

Make it happen

Slight change, better move. Will be spending Christmas here in Massachusetts, but will be flying out for Colorado in early January. Keeps family happy. Gives me a chance to make more money. Gives me a better chance in general. Making the move stick is as important as the move.

I’m going to miss this, but I need to

I woke up this morning 50-50 on whether I had terrible gas or was having a heart attack. it was just big picture stress. I love my job. I love my family. But I need to GROW. I had a great day at work today. Stayed relaxed and still got a lot done. Had fun….

Time to focus

Oldie but goodie image above. I can’t dance, I’m not winning American Idol, and I’m not going to be The Rock. No surprises so far. I’m not going to be a lawyer. I’m not going to be an academic. Ok, it’s expensive at this stage of the game, even if the aptitude is there. It’s…