Investing in myself

I have some projects brewing, but I don’t want to talk about them until a) my job situation is at 100% and b) my side work is properly scheduled. I have taken a gamble. I am continuously learning.

OK, I’ll say a little.Design(21)

The Mike Kane Cast is back on February 15, 2020 with a narrower focus: professional development for entrepreneurs, athletes and entertainers. I think you will like the new focus. You will find it complementary to other podcasts out there, with my idiosyncrasies and takes.

My editing (print, digital, audio) work is underway. I am excited about the value I can add to some cool projects. Contact me anytime.

This blog will stay focused on the podcast itself, with a bit of personal reflection. However, most of my blogging efforts will shift to another site I own. I will keep that quiet until I’ve built a nifty resource.

Otherwise, things are going well in Denver. Can’t wait to hear from you.